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Rare HTML Tags

Filed in: Tags

Introduction We all know and love some of our most popular HTML tags like <div> and <h1> but there are plenty of Rare HTML Tags that deserve some more attention. […]

Create a HTML Image Map

Filed in: Elements

Introduction Have you ever found it difficult to make an interactive image, worrying about positioning those images and then being cross browser friendly? Well there is an easier solution to […]

Uncommon HTML Glyphs

Filed in: Basic

Introduction This tutorial will help more as a reference guide rather than an actual step by step demonstration. As we all know, when coding for the web most characters (like […]

HTML5 Importing In The Near Future

Filed in: Advanced

Introduction For static html sites, html5 importing has always been a task that needed to be hacked via scripting or programming language. Say if we wanted a navigation menu, we […]

Use HTML To Create SVG Images

Filed in: Web Design

Introduction In this tutorial, We will use HTML to Create SVG Images and icons that has been recently introduced in HTML5. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics which is a […]

Create a HTML5 Data Attribute Tooltip

Filed in: Web Design

Introduction Today’s lesson we will get creative with HTML5 to create a Data Attribute Tooltip. The Data Attribute is a new feature that lets us store custom data inline within […]

HTML5 Drag and Drop

Filed in: Attributes

Introduction In this tutorial we will learn how to create a HTML5 Drag and Drop function using some of HTML5′s new event attributes. Event attributes allow us to define javascript […]

Proper HTML5 Semantics

Filed in: Web Sites

Introduction In past tutorials, we’ve talked about all of the great new elements that HTML5 has given us like <header>, <nav>, <section>, <article>, <aside>, and <footer>. Each one has it’s […]

Using The Pattern Attribute in HTML5 to Validate Form Data

Filed in: Attributes

Introduction The HTML5 movement has brought a substantial amount of new tools to the web developer’s arsenal. Today we will be discussing one of those tools known as the pattern […]


How to Reference External CSS Files in HTML

Filed in: Advanced, Web Sites

Having CSS embedded in your HTML document is not exactly recommended any longer. With all the new features and demands of creativity on sites, having an external CSS file or […]

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