In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a link to your email without posting your email on your site.


This tutorial was written using Visual Studio 2010. Visual studio is available for free in its express edition to the public. Just go to Studio. Go ahead and open up visual studio or your favorite text editor. Save this project with the name of your choice.

Step 1: The Email Account

First, when creating a site, make sure that there is an email associated with the site that way your personal email is not plagued with fans or potential business partners. Once the account is created or if you are just using this for educational purposes, use whatever email fits best and grab the address.

Step 2: The HTML

Inside your body tags, go ahead and place the opening and closing div tags. Inside those div tags, we are to place an image. Your code should appear as follows:

Note the way the code is formed. It is still a URL, however it is made to send, usually your mail management account whether it be Outlook or something of the sort, will take care of setting up the blank email with the URL. Once someone clicks on contact us, they will be able to write an email or even copy the link by right clicking on the link and selecting copy link and they may paste the link in their new email address box.

A Few Last Words

Using this method to contact is a fast and easy way to get feedback for your site. Just keep in mind whether or not you would like those contacts to appear in a personal email inbox. A form is another way to utilize this method, join us next time when we show you how to use a form on your site. See you then!

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