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How to Use HTML Line Breaks

Line breaks are used in HTML when you want to move an element down to the next line on a page.  For this example we will use two sets of […]


Using the HTML Paragraph Tag

As with any text-centric document, the paragraph is a rather crucial formatting tool. In HTML, the paragraph tag specifies a block of text that should be treated as a singular […]


Using the HTML5 Progress Tag

A Brief Introduction One of the not so well known features of HTML5 is that it will finally include a way to implement a progress bar on into your sites […]


Introduction To Offline Capabilities With HTML5

A Brief Introduction The internet as we know it is becoming a vastly different place. With the new “app” craze, there’s rarely a visit to a static HTML page nowadays. […]


Using Colors in HTML

A Brief Introduction   The number of colors available to us as designers and developers is truly an overwhelming figure. There are literally millions of different and hues that we […]


Using HTML Unordered Lists

A Brief Introduction Unordered lists are something you’ve probably seen used more on web pages than you’re aware. Commonly, an “unordered list” is used to create the navigation for websites […]


Creating HTML Tables

A Brief Introduction HTML tables get a pretty bad wrap nowadays since CSS has become the big dog on campus, but they do still have some usefulness contrary to popular […]


Using HTML Images

A Brief Introduction Almost anywhere you look on the internet, you’re bound to see an image being used. Images help pages to become more visually stimulating, and can really make […]


Using HTML Links

A Brief Introduction Take a look around any web page that exists today and you’re guaranteed to see a link or two. In fact, the initial concept of the internet […]

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