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Create a HTML Image Map

Introduction Have you ever found it difficult to make an interactive image, worrying about positioning those images and then being cross browser friendly? Well there is an easier solution to […]


Learn How to Use HTML5 Video Tags

There is no longer a need to embed videos from an external source anymore with massive blocks of code. With HTML5, one new tag will control it all! Introducing the new […]


Using Image Links

In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn an image into a hyperlink. Setup This tutorial was written using Visual Studio 2010. Visual studio is available for free in […]


Using HTML Definition Lists

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add and use definition lists to your site. Setup This tutorial was written using Visual Studio 2010. Visual studio is available for […]


Learn the Fundamentals of HTML5

There are several new features that accompany the new HTML5 standards, and with those, a host of new tags that you’ll be using to add new functionality to your websites, […]


Using the Canvas Element in HTML5

Using the new Canvas element in HTML5 can be a lot of fun, but you need to know a little about JavaScript as well as HTML in order to add […]


Using the HTML5 Section Element

The new HTML5 “Section” element is not intended to replace the div element as most people have come to think. In fact, it has been introduced to compliment the div […]


Using the Slider Bar in HTML5 Part II

A Brief Introduction In our last tutorial, we saw how to use the HTML5 range attribute to select between a range of numbers using the Slider Bar element. We also […]


Using The Slider Bar in HTML5

A Brief Introduction HTML5 is making a solid attempt at providing an easier life for people who build web applications. The “Slider Bar” is a very common user interface control […]


Using Elements in HTML

The World Wide Web simply doesn’t exist without HTML. The HTML markup is the way we create our web documents so that they are readable by browsers and humans alike. […]

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