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Using Forms in HTML

We’ve all seen them. In fact, the internet would be a drastically different place without them. Anytime you’ve ever signed up for a website, purchased a product, or started an […]


Working with Protected Website Structures

Protected website structures can be found in any website that aims to create restricted access to certain areas, for example, member’s only area of a social networking.  Most protected websites […]


How to Create a Tooltip for a Hyperlink

On occasion, it may become necessary to provide additional information about the links in your website via a “ToolTip”, which is additional information that is displayed when the cursor hovers […]


Using Numeric Character References

At some point when working with HTML, you will come across special character sets and symbols that are supported in the markup. The most extensive character set, “Unicode”, covers symbols […]


Using the Horizontal Rule Tag

A “horizontal rule” is an empty (single tag) element that places a horizontal line across the webpage.  Using horizontal rules is very helpful when you want to break up the […]


Using the HTML5 Progress Tag

A Brief Introduction One of the not so well known features of HTML5 is that it will finally include a way to implement a progress bar on into your sites […]


Using Colors in HTML

A Brief Introduction   The number of colors available to us as designers and developers is truly an overwhelming figure. There are literally millions of different and hues that we […]


Placeholder text and Auto Focus Fields

A Brief Introduction HTML5 has given us a plethora of new ways to work with plain old boring form elements. We’ve introduced the slider element in a previous tutorial, and […]


Using HTML Unordered Lists

A Brief Introduction Unordered lists are something you’ve probably seen used more on web pages than you’re aware. Commonly, an “unordered list” is used to create the navigation for websites […]


Creating Credit Card Payment Forms With HTML5

HTML5 makes styling websites far easier than before. That also allows for the creation of forms to be easier as well. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use […]

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