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Use HTML To Create SVG Images

Introduction In this tutorial, We will use HTML to Create SVG Images and icons that has been recently introduced in HTML5. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics which is a […]

Create a HTML5 Data Attribute Tooltip

Introduction Today’s lesson we will get creative with HTML5 to create a Data Attribute Tooltip. The Data Attribute is a new feature that lets us store custom data inline within […]


Proper Nesting of Elements in HTML

A Brief Introduction Writing clean, proper code should be important to you as a developer for more than a few reasons. Namely, the code will be easier for you to […]


Adding a Favicon to Your Site

Nowadays, when one visits a website, they would see an icon next to the url or perhaps the web page title on a tab. This icon is at times referred […]


Working with Linear Website Structures

Website navigation structures are a crucial part of any site creation, and should be carefully planned and executed.  When building out the navigational structure of a website, there are many […]


Creating HTML Tables

A Brief Introduction HTML tables get a pretty bad wrap nowadays since CSS has become the big dog on campus, but they do still have some usefulness contrary to popular […]

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