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Proper HTML5 Semantics

Introduction In past tutorials, we’ve talked about all of the great new elements that HTML5 has given us like <header>, <nav>, <section>, <article>, <aside>, and <footer>. Each one has it’s […]


How to Reference External CSS Files in HTML

Having CSS embedded in your HTML document is not exactly recommended any longer. With all the new features and demands of creativity on sites, having an external CSS file or […]


Learn How to Embed CSS in an HTML Document

If you are new to web development and just started learning how to style your HTML code, embedded CSS is the way to go. Embedded CSS out rules inline styling […]


Learn how to add an Email Feature to Website

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a link to your email without posting your email on your site. Setup This tutorial was written using Visual Studio 2010. […]


How to Add Scripts to an HTML Page

In this tutorial, you will learn how scripts are applied to HTML documents, what sorts of scripts are out there, and how to handle browsers that do not support scripts. […]


Creating a Simple Paint Application in HTML5

A Brief Introduction The HTML5 canvas element is gaining lots of popularity as of late, largely in part of its potential to replace Adobe’s heavy hitter “Flash” for animations and […]


Mixed Hierarchical Website Structures

The hierarchical website structure is the most common navigation structure on the internet.  In one way or another, almost every website implements some form of hierarchy in their website. Regardless […]


Adding Images to Your Site

One of the earliest media inclusions in the HTML markup was the “Image” tag, which allows you to insert an image as an element within your document. Most popular image […]

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