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Using the Slider Bar in HTML5 Part II

A Brief Introduction In our last tutorial, we saw how to use the HTML5 range attribute to select between a range of numbers using the Slider Bar element. We also […]


Using The Slider Bar in HTML5

A Brief Introduction HTML5 is making a solid attempt at providing an easier life for people who build web applications. The “Slider Bar” is a very common user interface control […]


Proper Nesting of Elements in HTML

A Brief Introduction Writing clean, proper code should be important to you as a developer for more than a few reasons. Namely, the code will be easier for you to […]


Using Elements in HTML

The World Wide Web simply doesn’t exist without HTML. The HTML markup is the way we create our web documents so that they are readable by browsers and humans alike. […]


Using Links in HTML

The web wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for hyperlinks. Hyperlinks, or links, are what make the web, well, the web. They are the connecting source of all the trillions […]


Working with Protected Website Structures

Protected website structures can be found in any website that aims to create restricted access to certain areas, for example, member’s only area of a social networking.  Most protected websites […]

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