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Working with Protected Website Structures

Protected website structures can be found in any website that aims to create restricted access to certain areas, for example, member’s only area of a social networking.  Most protected websites […]


How to Create a Tooltip for a Hyperlink

On occasion, it may become necessary to provide additional information about the links in your website via a “ToolTip”, which is additional information that is displayed when the cursor hovers […]


Using the ID Attribute For In-Page Navigation

When you are working with long, content-heavy webpages, it is always good practice to give the user the option of jumping to different spots within that webpage.  This method insures the […]


Mixed Hierarchical Website Structures

The hierarchical website structure is the most common navigation structure on the internet.  In one way or another, almost every website implements some form of hierarchy in their website. Regardless […]


Using Augmented Linear Web Structure

A Brief Introduction When building out the navigational structure of a website, there are many factors to consider. In this tutorial, we will be looking at augmented linear website structures.  […]


Working with Linear Website Structures

Website navigation structures are a crucial part of any site creation, and should be carefully planned and executed.  When building out the navigational structure of a website, there are many […]

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