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Working with Protected Website Structures

Protected website structures can be found in any website that aims to create restricted access to certain areas, for example, member’s only area of a social networking.  Most protected websites […]


Using the ID Attribute For In-Page Navigation

When you are working with long, content-heavy webpages, it is always good practice to give the user the option of jumping to different spots within that webpage.  This method insures the […]


Using Numeric Character References

At some point when working with HTML, you will come across special character sets and symbols that are supported in the markup. The most extensive character set, “Unicode”, covers symbols […]


Adding Images to Your Site

One of the earliest media inclusions in the HTML markup was the “Image” tag, which allows you to insert an image as an element within your document. Most popular image […]


Using the HTML Paragraph Tag

As with any text-centric document, the paragraph is a rather crucial formatting tool. In HTML, the paragraph tag specifies a block of text that should be treated as a singular […]

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